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Welcome to Power Animals Unleashed, where you move out of worry, stress and regret and into the power to create a fulfilling life of love, health, prosperity, and inner peace.

 Click here to meet your Power Animal now--or read more below about why you want a Power Animal in your life! 

Would you like to empower each encounter?  Imagine how different it will be to walk into that job interview as a lion, full of confidence and courage.  Or into that sales call as a cougar, guaranteed of success before you have even begun.  Or on that date as a tiger, full of self-love, secure in your beauty, relating from a place of deep self-respect. 


Would you like to empower each enterprise?   Partner with a  soaring Eagle, who will teach you leadership and lift you into your personal greatness.  Or a tortoise to help you understand the power of letting time work for you, step by step, never quitting on your path to success. 


Would you like to empower relationships?  Take a thick-skinned rhinoceros to work to help you tolerate your irritating boss.  Or keep a horse at home, to help you balance your deep affection for your family with your need for freedom.  A swan will give you elegance and grace for social ease.


Would you like to power up for the day, every day?  Come here every morning for your Power Animal for the Day.   As you read the message, be aware of what this animal is telling you of the challenges you can expect during the day.  Then know that the energy you require to meet those challenges will be within you, ready and accessible to you when you need it.


And now it's time to enter the Enchanted Forest.


Click here if you would like to sit for a moment by a stream, to relax and make your intentions very clear before entering the Enchanted Forest.



Click here if you would like to go directly to the Enchanted Forest.  Once there, just relax and breathe.  Run your mouse around the forest, looking for just the right spot.  Then wait and when you feel your Power Animal approaching, click the mouse and your Power Animal will appear!


Then welcome your wonderful power animal into your life, vital and full of strength and wisdom, a powerful companion to bring all that is good into your life.


I'm Carrie Hart, Modern Shaman and Pathfinder.  I am so pleased you have come to Power Animals Unleashed.  I hope to see you here often.


I would also like to invite you to i-am-this.com, where Running Wolf and Princess Feather-Light work with me to bring you live shamanic empowerment sessions and journeys.


And of course, come here every day and power up with the Power Animals Unleashed.



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Animal Friends is a 15-minute MP3 recording for your children or grand-children. 

They breathe in the strength of power animals, including the lion for courage, the bird for joy and freedom and the panther for patience.  

They also learn how to be peaceful for a few minutes as they focus on their own light, glowing in their center. 

Sign up now to receive not only the relaxing and powerful Animal Friends MP3 recording, but also a free bi-weekly Power Animal message.

Listen to a few samples from the Animal Friends recording:  

   The Buffalo

   The Lion

   Circle of Animals





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