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Welcome to Power Animals Unleashed!

Move out of worry and stress and let Power Animals help you create a beautiful life of love, prosperity, health and fulfillment!

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Sit by a stream and make your intentions clear. Then enter the Enchanted Forest and let your intuition guide you to just the right moment to meet your Power Animal, vital and full of strength and wisdom, a powerful companion to bring all that is good into your life.

Ask a question you would like a Power Animal to answer. I will go to the Land of Ur on your behalf and pose the question. A Power Animal (It might be any animal!) will step forward with an answer. I will write the answer in an email and send it to you.

Connect deeply with a Power Animal and understand fully why that Power Animal has chosen you at this time in your life. I will go into the Land of Ur on your behalf to retrieve just the right Power Animal. I will send you an MP3 recording of the ceremony performed by Running Wolf and Spirit's message about why this Power Animal is with you now.

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I'm Carrie Hart, Modern Shaman and Pathfinder and creator of this website.  I am so pleased you have come to Power Animals Unleashed.  I hope to see you here often. Click on my picture if you would like to know more about me, my spiritual path and the various services I offer.

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